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Groom's Outfit Commissions

Steampunk wedding ouftits inspired by Victorian fashion, designed made for both Bride and Groom.

The Grooms outfit included: - tailcoat and silk taffeta waistcoat, and the Brides outfit included:- Promanade hat, tartan train skirt and jacket

Grooms wedding frock coat and waistcoat, inspired by the film Bram Stoker's  Dracula

Grooms Gothic wedding outfit, consisting of a damask and velvet jacket, and matching waistcoat.  

Grooms Steampunk frock coat and waistcoat, with matching waistcoats for three ushers. Made for a dual nationality client. 

The frockcoat was lined with a vintage look Union Jack, which was made to match the ushers waistcoat. Similarly the Swiss flag was constructed for the grooms and two ushers waistcoats.  

Grooms Steampunk tailcoat and cravat designed and made for an American client, getting married in Puerto Rico