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I consider myself to be a responsible designer/maker and have always tried to think of the environmental impact that my work has. Listed below are details of each aspect of my working environment and how I strive to off -set my carbon footprint.


  • I use a Wind turbine and solar panels to generate power to run the sewing machine, iron, overlocker, radio/MP3 player and computer in my studio.


  • I try to use UK sourced fabrics where possible
  • The use of Fabric remnants and charity shops finds are a great source of unusual fabrics
  • Recycled car upholstery leather offcuts, from a local business are revamped into hats, garments and trimmings
  • Recycled embellishments and found objects are used to add decorative elements to my designs including feathers found in local woods/surroundings/ from own chickens
  • Vintage/ antique trimmings are added to garments making unique decorative statements


  • I use only recycled paper business cards/ note paper
  • Unused rolls of wall- paper are recycled and used as pattern cutting and drafting paper.
  • Online publicity and invoicing are used where possible to reduce paper usage


  • Off cuts of fabric given to local charity’s
  • All plastic packaging and paper are recycled
  • Large fabric off cuts are given to local mechanic for rag

Carbon footprint

  • Little travel emissions- car good has fuel consumption and low millage /locally serviced
  • I offset any remaining carbon emissions via my allotment, planting trees, growing  my own food, and caring for a honey bee hive.